The purpose of Expediting is to verify the progress of work with visits at the Suppliers' premises, including review of the Production Schedule and of all activities which might impact on delivery, such as engineering work, clarifications of open issues with the Client, provision of raw materials and of sub-contracted components or activities

The Supplier will be requested to offer to the Expeditor’s analysis an updated Production Schedule in order to show that they are offering proper attention to the project, that they have evaluated all technical concerns and that they have enough working resources to achieve the goal. If delays have occurred, the Expeditor's duty is to help the Supplier to clarify the reasons of the delays and propose Corrective Actions in order to keep the delivery.

The Expeditor’s duty is also to carry out a workshop tour in order to survey the fabrication status and to ascertain if the Supplier will be capable to meet the delivery dates.

Upcoming operations needed will be discussed together with the Supplier in order to anticipate possible problems. Upcoming inspection activities shall be identified based on the ITP and shall be cross-referenced with the Production Schedule.

The Expeditor will also highlight any technical issue which may have been underestimated by Supplier in order to avoid possible bottlenecks or issues in the upcoming operations